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Meditation for a Relaxed Lifestyle

meditation for a relaxed lifestyle
By Sangeetha Saran, CYT 500

Busy schedules and work and family responsibilities often leave a person stressed out and exhausted. But it doesn't have to be that way if you know how to handle stress with meditation. This ancient practice has been used for many years to calm the mind and body. If it is used on a daily basis, it allows a person to process all that they are going through in a healthy and positive way.

Learning This Ancient Skill

Each person meditates a little differently, but there are some basic principles for practicing this art. First, sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Then, close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing instead of your thoughts. If any intrusive thoughts come through, gently push them aside, and return to focusing on your breathing. Some people find it helps to count their breaths as they do this. Or a mantra can be created in the mind, such as a word or phrase that feels peaceful. Repeat the mantra vocally as you exhale each time. Some people simply say the words "inner peace." Just be sure to keep the phrase as positive as possible.

How This Art Affects One's Life

Overtime, meditation changes the way that a person thinks. It allows them to train their mind to let go of negative thinking and intrusive thoughts that once kept them awake at night. In other words, it teaches them how to practice mindfulness and when one knows how to constantly monitor their thought processes to allow only positive thoughts in, this keeps them calm, relaxed, and focused. Tasks that once seemed overwhelming can be done with ease. Depression and anxiety are also reduced.

One More Item on the List

At first, people who are already busy might feel like meditation is just another thing that they have to do because initially it will take more concentration to focus on breathing and calming the mind. But if a person sticks with it, and does it every day at the same time, the time that it takes to go into a meditative state will speed up.

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