Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Online Yoga Certification Intensive

200 hour yoga teacher certification course
By Geoff Foster

Becoming an instructor is one of the most satisfying occupations on the planet. In essence, it does not feel like work. Perhaps most teachers could express a similar sentiment from their perspective? However, becoming a Yoga teacher requires patience, time, energy and strength.

Certification by means of online courses has become quite common in the Yoga teaching profession. More and more instructors each day are developing new methods and means for teaching Yoga to new students. The goal is to become the best instructor you can be. With dedicated staff members to help, an online certification is a great tool for you to fulfill your dream and desire to teach Yoga.

What is more, online courses are available to help you become a teacher. It is usually build upon a couple weeks to a few months worth of training before a written evaluation and exam. With this current economy, some people have started teaching Yoga as a supplementary way to earn income. Furthermore, many people sign up and receive certification to teach Yoga while they are undergraduate and graduate level students. There are also people who teach full-time and have devoted their life to learning, teaching, and discovering new ways to live and teach Yogic methods.

To many people, Yogic methodology is more than a hobby or exercise. To some it is more than a form of meditation. While others believe it is a method of higher learning and discovering new things from within the core of one's self It is a rare gift to be able to help other people achieve that discovery. That is why receiving a Yoga certification is important. If you want to become a teacher, then having a certification means the freedom to teach and enlighten new people to the field of Yogic studies. It can do for someone else what it has done for yourself and so many others.

Unlike many other activities, teaching Yogic techniques is a highly personal and active method of teaching. Sometimes English teachers are not writers, occasionally you will find basketball coaches who never played at a collegiate level, and there are track and field coaches who never competed, and so on. Yoga, on the other hand is demanding of the teacher as it is on the pupil. Every teacher is a practitioner and is a student for life. The inspiration teachers have comes from teaching the pupil to one day be confident, capable and compassionate enough to teach themselves. Showing students how to navigate the Yogic path is powerful knowledge that they can take with them for life.

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